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We offer a full Xero setup service including migrating from other systems and training your staff

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We work with you onsite to analyse your requirements, setup the system and train your staff

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We provide full setup and training on payroll, rosters and job management. We can also switch you from your current payroll system

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What they say:

“WorkflowMax’s cloud project management software contains everything you need to manage your workflow — in one integrated platform:  Tools to start projects, Tools to manage projects and Tools to get paid & grow your business”

What we think:

WorkflowMax delivers great features at a value for money monthly fee.  It is a huge piece of software with lots of ability to customise so it can be used by lots of different business types. We recommend keeping it simple to start with, and then using more features as you and your staff become comfortable and confident.

What we do:

Full setup and training
We will look at your the way your business operates, discuss with you how WorkflowMax can be best used in your business and then customise it to fit your requirements, including helping to determine staff costs rates and designing quotes and invoices.  We like to do most of the setup onsite, and provide full training for your staff with hard copy notes.

Review and Improvement
Already using WorkfowMax, but it’s not delivering quite what it should, or you would like to take it further? Or heard about the great customised reports you can design in WorkflowMax?  We can discuss what you need, review your setup and provide some ideas for making it “sing” for your business.

What our customers say:

“Mary has been an amazing support to myself, my team and our business!  We met her at the beginning of the year and after only working with her for 6 months I value her support immensely and consider her to be one of the critical links in our business.
She has spent lots of time coaching and educating me on how to become a product champion in Workflow Max from giving our system a bit of a spring clean, setting up valuable reports and spending a large amount of time assisting me with the crucial Work In Progress calculations required for the end of year accounting.
I appreciate her patience with me, she is always responsive and replies pretty much immediately and offers support via all channels, be it in person, on the phone, skype and via email.  I am forever grateful for meeting Mary and she has made my job more efficient with the financial side of the business.”
Cherie Wood
A1 Homes Kapiti

“We were so fortunate to have Mary Moore referred to us as the “go to” person for WorkflowMax.
As a management consultancy, we knew that our requirements from WorkflowMax would need some careful thinking and customisation of the standard product.

Mary listened to our requests, thought about the best way to meet them and if necessary sought advice and guidance from others.  She then delivered on our requirements on time and in full.  Her training was excellent and she was very forthcoming with great notes and written instructions.
I have had many occasions since to contact Mary for guidance or with a query and she is very responsive, almost always within the same day and often within the hour.

I have no hesitation recommending Mary’s services to others considering WorkflowMax.  She is very knowledgeable about the product and very experienced in helping businesses implement and optimise it.”
Joanne Lentfer
Tregaskis Brown Ltd

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What they say: “WorkflowMax’s cloud project management software contains everything you need to manage your workflow — in one integrated platform:  Tools to start projects, Tools to manage projects and […]

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