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I offer a full Xero setup service including migrating from other systems and training your staff

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I work with you onsite to analyse your requirements, setup the system and train your staff

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I provide full setup and training on payroll, rosters and job management. I can also switch you from your current payroll system

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Using a spreadsheet?   From experience, this can cause huge problems…a simple error means either your staff are getting the wrong pay, or you’re sending incorrect information to the IRD.  Both are BAD NEWS for your business!

Wondering if your current payroll system could be better, or your staffing has changed and you need something else?  If so I can review your current system with you.

Systems I partner with

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FlexiTime: definitely a “payroll plus” solution.  Running standard payrolls for staff on regular hours or fixed salaries is a breeze and it has great integration with Xero and WorkflowMax.  Because FlexiTime were early adopters of payday filing, you can choose to have your PAYE returns filed automatically each time you finalise a payroll.

But what I love about FlexiTime is the additional features it offers and the modules you can add:

For small businesses running just a few jobs, the FREE jobs option means your staff can log their time to jobs, and this can be integrated with a tracking category in Xero to enable you to add expenses and invoice your clients.

Hospitality businesses love SHIFT” which includes roster management and a photo time clock application which means you can always see which staff are on duty.

How I work with you

I can look after your conversion from your existing system (or your spreadsheets) to FlexiTime.  I offer a choice of three levels of setup, depending on your needs and budget.  Find out more here.

Recommended by FlexiTime

“Mary has been providing an outsourced FlexiTime conversion service for several years and in that time has helped many small business owners realise the benefits of moving from desktop payroll to FlexiTime’s cloud-based platform. 

Given the legislative environment, converting customers between payroll systems can be a very complex task, requiring accuracy, skill and detailed specialist knowledge. On top of that, the change process is often very daunting for the people involved. 

Mary is our go-to resource for clients that need that extra bit of hand holding through the setup process and is an expert at helping them feel at ease and confident with the new system. We’re always very happy to refer customers to Mary as we know they’ll have a top notch experience.” Jake Harvey, FlexiTime CMO

Employee personal details loaded

Leave balances loaded

Holiday Pay As You Go on casual staff

12 months employee pay history

Xero integration setup

Xero cost codes and/or tracking

Standard employee deductions/allowances

One to one training session

One to one help when you run your first payroll

Option to have your rosters or jobs loaded



includes10 employees
+$10 per additional employee



includes 10 employees
+$20 per additional employee




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Why? Using a spreadsheet?   From experience, this can cause huge problems…a simple error means either your staff are getting the wrong pay, or you’re sending incorrect information to the IRD. […]

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